How Long Has Charles Manson Been in Prison?

Charles Manson has been in prison for approximately 43 years as of 2015. He was sentenced to death on January 25, 1971, after he was found guilty for instructing the deaths of the victims of LaBianca. His death sentence was commuted to life imprisonment after the Supreme Court in California annulled all the death sentences that were given before 1972.

Charles Manson is an American citizen who was a cult leader in the 1960s. He had a large following and his followers killed over 35 people. Born in Ohio, Manson started his cult known as the Manson Family. He first started by engaging in petty crimes after his mother abandoned him. By 1955, Manson started stealing cars and got arrested. Typically, he was in and out of prison for different charges but never changed his life. It was during his life in prison that he learned how to read music and play a guitar.

Manson is connected to the death of actress Sharon Tate and other people in Hollywood. Sharon Tate was mercilessly killed by being stabbed in the stomach even though she was pregnant. She died alongside other people who were in the house of Roman Polanski, Sharon Tate's husband, on August 9, 1969. Today, Manson is still serving his sentence in the state of California. He has applied for parole up to 12 times, the latest being in 2012, but all were unsuccessful.