How Long Does an Applicant Have to Wait Before Getting a Call From the NYPD?

According to the recruiting section of the official website of the New York Police Department, applicants are not notified of the results of their exams by telephone. Results are sent out by mail and take the normal amount of time for standard pieces of mail to reach their destinations.

If a candidate passes the multiple choice Police Officer Entrance Exam, his name goes on an eligibility list according to score. When his name is reached on the list, he is considered for an appointment. The amount of waiting time varies according to availability of openings. Before being accepted as a police officer, however, there are several other activities which must be successfully completed, including a medical exam, a character investigation, a written psychological test, an oral psychological interview, a job standard test consisting of a number of rigorous physical activities performed in a short period of time and a pre-hire interview. In addition, within 30 days of being hired, a candidate must reside in the New York City area and possess a New York City State driver's license.