How Long Do You Have to Be Able to Hold Your Breath to Join the Navy?

The Navy has no required breath-holding time among its physical requirements. Its physical readiness test, according to, consists of pushups, sit-ups and either running or swimming, although swimming is not an option during basic training.

The standards vary across gender and are lower with increasing age. A satisfactory score for a male from age 20 to 24 consists of running 1.5 miles in 13.5 minutes or swimming 500 yards in 13 minutes; doing 37 pushups; and performing 46 sit-ups. The requirements for Navy SEAL candidates are more stringent but still do not include breath-holding. A SEAL candidate must be able to perform 20 pull-ups; more than 100 pushups in the course of two minutes; and swim 500 yards in less than nine minutes.