What Are the Lodging Options at the MacDill AFB?

What Are the Lodging Options at the MacDill AFB?

Lodging options at MacDill Air Force Base include on-base dormitory-style housing; privatized on-base family housing; temporary visitor housing; and access to private, off-base houses and apartments for rent or sale. On-base dormitories are mandatory for unaccompanied E-1 to E-3 ranked military personnel and E-4s with fewer than three years of service. They are given bed linens, furniture and supplies in one private sleeping room, with a shared or private bathroom.

The dorms are set up as quads, with four airmen sharing a dining room, living room, kitchen and laundry closet. The dorms have community rooms, such as TV and movie rooms, game rooms, libraries, cyber cafes, a communal kitchen and a laundry room.

The privatized on-base family housing at MacDill AFB is owned by Harbor Bay, which is responsible for managing and maintaining the two-, three- and four-bedroom homes in five separate neighborhoods in the community. Rent is paid directly to the manager as a portion of the Basic Allowance for Housing. Amenities include a welcome center, 24-hour fitness center, swimming pool, golf, bowling, running trails, butterfly garden, basketball courts, soccer fields, dog parks, picnic areas, ponds and playgrounds.

MacDill AFB has a housing management office that helps personnel find private housing in the community, working with landlords, real estate agents and property managers to gain benefits such as waivers of security deposits, background checks or application fees.

There is an on-base hotel for visitors to MacDill AFB run by Air Force Inns, offering both temporary living quarters and temporary lodging facilities on an as-available basis.