How Do You Lodge a Complaint Against a Lawyer?


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Individuals can file complaints about their lawyers with their state's lawyer disciplinary committee, according to Nolo. Every state has an entity that handles lawyer complaints; in some states, it's the bar association, and in other states, it's the court system.

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Many times, the investigation into a complaint can be a very slow process, explains Nolo. The state agency in charge of lawyer discipline is most likely to take action against a lawyer if he has failed to pay his client money the client won in a lawsuit or settlement or if he has made some type of malpractice error, such as failing to show up for a court case, not doing the work that he was retained to do, committing a crime or having a drug or alcohol problem.

For other matters that involve lawyer discipline, the state agencies move slowly and don't communicate well with the individuals who are filing these complaints, notes Nolo. Many disciplinary agencies may wait until a few similar complaints are lodged against a particular attorney before they take any action whatsoever. Nolo encourages people to try to work through problems with their lawyers or consulting different lawyers before they consider filing any official complaints.

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