Where Are Some Locations for Free Medical Care in California?


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The Haight Ashbury Free Medical Clinic located on Clayton Street in San Francisco, the University of California - San Diego Student-run Free Clinic at Baker Elementary School in San Diego and the People's Community Clinic located on Verdugo Street in Los Angeles offer free or reduced cost medical care services in California. The state of California contains approximately 1,213 health care centers offering free or low-cost services, as of 2015.

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With approximately 102 clinics located within the city, Los Angeles contains the most clinics providing free or affordable health care services in California. For example, the Saban Community Clinic Beverly Health Center located on Beverly Boulevard has a sliding scale for payment based on a family's size and income, with many patients receiving free care based on this scale. The Saban clinic provides family planning care services, such as birth control and HIV testing, primary health care services, such as preventative care for adults and children, and dental care services such as cleanings and fillings.

Bakersfield also contains a considerable amount of free or affordable health care clinics with approximately 21 clinics located within the city. Locations of clinics in Bakersfield include the Bakersfield 34th Street Community Health Center on Q Street and the Clinica Sierra Vista Family Health Center on 1st Street.

Non-profit organizations typically own and operate most free clinics in California, and they generally receive federal grants and state subsidies in order to finance operation, and provide services for free or at a reduced rate.

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