How Do You Find the Location of a Phone Number?

Reverse phone lookup is a type of online service that lets you identify the owner's name and location for a landline phone number. Online directories, such as Whitepages, AnyWho and Intelius offer basic reverse phone lookup for free.

Perform a free search using a personal or business name, address or phone number. Some services, such as Melissa Data, can search by email address. Other directories, such as Yellow Books, can search for international numbers. You need the full 10-digit phone number when searching for information on its location. The search generates a listing of all possible names associated with the number, the complete address and a map showing the exact location. You may also use the free option to see neighbors in the vicinity and get directions.

Free services only identify listed landlines for residences and businesses. The carrier information can be obtained if performing the search on an unlisted or cellphone number. Most directories offer paid options for identifying an unlisted or cellphone number. Fees vary depending on the service provider. Additionally, you can obtain other background and personal information on the owner of a phone number, such as criminal report, Internet social profiles, marriage and divorce records, email address, and address history.