How Do You Locate United States Congress Members by ZIP Code?

How Do You Locate United States Congress Members by ZIP Code?

To locate U.S. Congress members by ZIP code, go to the House of Representatives' website at, go to Find Your Representative, and type in a ZIP code. Click Go, and the name of the representative within that district appears.

To learn the representative for Vineland, New Jersey, which has the 08360 ZIP code, enter the ZIP code to learn that Frank LoBiondo represents the second congressional district, as of September 2015. The 79101 zip code of Amarillo, Texas, has Mac Thornberry as its House member in the 13th congressional district.

Seven states, including Alaska, Delaware, Montana and North Dakota, each have one member. South Dakota, Vermont and Wyoming also have one at-large member. Type in any ZIP code from those states to see the statewide representative.

House delegates represent the American territories of American Samoa, District of Columbia, Guam, Northern Mariana Islands and the U.S. Virgin Islands. As with House members, they are elected to two-year terms. Unlike the members, they do not have voting privileges on legislation brought to the House floor. They are permitted to vote within the House committees in which they are members.

U.S. senators serve statewide; two senators represent each state. Go to the Senate's website,, click on Senators, and the alphabetical list of members appears with links to their home pages.