How Do You Locate a Towed Vehicle?


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In order to locate a towed vehicle, owners may have to contact their city's department of public works or department of transportation, as stated by the Washington, D.C., government and the City of Los Angeles websites. Another option is to check out an online service that sources data from law enforcement agencies and storage lots.

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How Do You Locate a Towed Vehicle?
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Nearly every city has tow laws regarding vehicles parked in handicapped spots, fire zones and other restricted areas. Even private business owners will have a vehicle towed if it is left too long without prior arrangements in the business parking lot. When a vehicle is towed, it can be difficult for the owner to figure out just who took it and where it went.

If the vehicle was parked in a restricted zone or had an excessive number of violations, it is a good idea to check with the city, as stated by the City of Los Angeles. Chances are good that it was towed to the city impound lot. The car owner has to pay certain storage fees as well as any traffic violation fees to get the vehicle back. If towed from a private lot, the owner might try asking the business that owns the parking lot what company it hired to tow the vehicle, if any.

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