How Do You Locate a Person by Name?

Locate a person's address and contact information through her name by using sites such as,, or, as of 2015. Similarly, the site allows you to search for a person by real name via her social networking profiles and other public records.

The Find a Person tool on allows you to search for a person using only her last name and her last known ZIP code or city and state. Including her first name helps to narrow down results, but is not a requirement to conduct the search. and contain similar search tools, each of which also displays contact information according to previous address records. To search for a person on, you need to enter her full name and a ZIP code. Results include an estimate of the person's age, the last known address, any individuals who may be related to that person, and a phone number, if available. allows you to enter a person's name or a username on a specific social networking platform in order to conduct the search. The site checks the public information on various sites and returns a set of results that match the information. Users are able to access the social networking accounts of the individuals found in the results.