How Do You Locate the Office of Your Congressman?


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Navigate to the Find Your Representative page of the U.S. House of Representatives website, and enter your ZIP code where indicated on the page. Once you enter your ZIP code, the page displays the possible representatives for your area.

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Since congressional districts may cover more than one ZIP code, you can also locate your congressional representatives using your address. If there is more than one possible representative for your ZIP code, on the Provide Additional Information page, enter your street address for a more refined search.

The street address search result from the House of Representatives website provides the name of the congressman representing your address. It also gives the address' specific congressional district number, a picture of the representative, a link to the representative’s Web page and a map depicting the congressional district's location in the state.

To find the names of the two senators representing your state in Congress, go to the Senators of the 114th Congress Web page on the U.S. Senate website. This page provides a list of all U.S. Senators, and you can filter that list by state using the drop-down menu at the top of the Web page. The list provides the Senators' names, Washington office addresses, telephone numbers and Internet contact information.

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