How Do I Locate a Nearby Social Security Office?

Although there are other ways to find your local Social Security Administration office, one simple way is to visit the SSA website. Once there, click "Contact Us," "Find An Office," enter your zip code and click "Locate."

  1. Visit the Social Security Administration website

    Go to the Social Security Administration website. Search for the website through Google or directly type the URL into your browser.

  2. Click the Contact Us link

    Find and click on the link "Contact Us". As of 2014, there were two links from the home page, one in the upper right hand corner and one at the bottom of the page.

  3. Click the "Find an Office" link

    Once on the Contact Social Security page, click the button "Find an Office." This page also provides email and telephone number options.

  4. Enter your ZIP code

    Enter your ZIP code in the box provided. If you do not know your ZIP code, you can look it up by town name.

  5. Click the "Locate" button

    After clicking "Locate," your local SSA office will be listed along with its primary information, including address, phone number and hours of operation.