How Do You Locate a Member of the Military?


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To locate a current member of the military if you know his rank, name and the name of the base where they live, contact long distance information, tell them the base name, and have them connect you to the base operator. Ask the base operator if they can connect you to the base locator. The base locator is authorized to give out duty phone numbers and work addresses of military members.

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If you know some information about the person, but don't know where they are stationed, make a written request to The Air Force World-Wide Locator, The Navy World Wide Locator or The Marine Corps World Wide Locator. You can email or write to The Coast Guard World Wide Locator. As for members of the Army, only some people associated with the Army, including dependants, current and retired members, can request information about them. Eligible people should submit their written requests to U.S. Army Enlisted Records & Evaluation Center.

To receive accurate information when submitting a written request, include the military member's full name, rank, social security number, date of birth and any information you might have about where they were stationed previously. In addition, most organizations require people to pay a $3.50 fee per request, as of 2015. Certain groups of individuals might not have to pay the fee.

There are several websites where a military member might be registered and which may offer contact information, including MilitaryLocator.com, Army Study Guide and GI Search.

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