How Do You Locate a Friend in Another Country?


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Locate a friend abroad by following his digital trail on the Internet. Start your search using the major search engines and continue with the local directories and the social networks, if necessary.

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Collect and write down all the information you know about this person, such as his full name and possible nicknames, his date of birth, the schools he attended and the places he worked. Ask other common friends, his family and old co-workers or neighbors for any additional information. Start your online search with the basic information, such as his name and variations of it, through the major search engines and directories. Use region-specific directories, if you know in which country your friend lives. If necessary, broaden your search with the information you collected.

If the name doesn't appear in the results at all, try logging in the big social networks, such as Facebook and Twitter, and search using your friend's name and his location, if you know it. As a last resort, post an ad in a local bulletin board, explaining who you are looking for and why.

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