How Do You Locate Crew Members of the USS Intrepid?


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To locate crew members of the USS Intrepid, peruse lists of crew members' names and contact information on websites for former USS Intrepid crew members, such as NavyBuddies.com and HullNumber.com. Another potential source of assistance is the USS Intrepid Former Crew Member Association membership chairman, whose email is available on IntrepidMuseum.org.

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NavyBuddies.com and HullNumber.com are essentially free databases that contain names of crew members and their contact information. Crew members register on such websites and remit contact information voluntarily.

As of 2015, the lists of crew members on NavyBuddies.com fall into categories by dates of service, encompassing precomm until the latest dates of service or until the date of decommissioning, which is circa 1974. To isolate lists of former crew members of the USS Intrepid on NavyBuddies.com, click Aircraft Carriers (CV) on the home page, and then click Intrepid.

On HullNumber.com, click Carriers, click CV-11 for the USS Intrepid, and then click Click To View Crew List, which are the red letters just beneath the carrier's motto, "En Mare En Coelo."

Names and contact information of former USS Intrepid crew members appear in chronological order by dates of service. Not all names have an associated email address, but most of the names accompany a hometown and rank. You must register on HullNumber.com to email a former crew member and for former crew members to email you.

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