How Do You Locate a Company's CAGE Code?

In order to locate a company's CAGE code, visit the website and enter the company's business name in the Search Records link. SAM stands for the System for Awards Management and is the official United States government system for consolidating information relating to government contracts. Free registration with SAM is mandatory to participate in any federal contract, and companies will be provided a CAGE code at time of registration, regardless of contract status.

In order to locate a company's CAGE code, go to and click the Search Records button or link from the top of the home page. Enter the company's formal business name and submit. Alternatively, search by DUNS number or search using a reverse CAGE code lookup to acquire the company associated with the number. The entity advanced search allows users to search specific parameters such as the active status of a registration.

In a case where the company's name does not produce results, make certain the name search is the exact title under which company is registered. The company's CAGE code may also be searched geographically by providing the specific city or ZIP code of the business in question. If no results are found in either search, the company may not be registered.