How Do You Locate a Chinese Consulate?

How Do You Locate a Chinese Consulate?

In the United States, the People's Republic of China maintains one embassy and five consulates to serve the needs of Chinese citizens in the United States and to arrange travel documents for Americans traveling to China. The main embassy is in Washington and the consulates are in New York, Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles and San Francisco.

  1. Locate your home

    Determine your home area on the map of the United States on the Chinese embassy's website. With the exception of California, which is split into two jurisdictions, the state where you live determines which embassy is in your jurisdiction.

  2. Find the consulate in your jurisdiction

    Go to the consulate in your jurisdiction to take advantage of the Chinese government's resources in the United States. The San Francisco consulate handles the Pacific Northwest, and the Los Angeles consulate's jurisdiction is the Southwest. The Houston consulate takes care of the of the Southeast. The New York consulate is for northeastern states, and Chicago is for the Midwest. The embassy in Washington takes care of needs in Mid-Atlantic states, and it handles the northern part of the Great Plains and Rocky Mountains.

  3. Discover your service

    Determine what service you want with the Chinese consulate. Services provided by the Chinese government include notarization, authentication, visa applications, educational opportunities, speaking engagements and help with study-abroad programs.