How Do You Locate Child Support Case Information?

To locate information on a specific child support case, contact the state's child support office, according to the Office of Child Support Enforcement. Check the federal case registry online for information about participants in a child support case.

People who are party to child support cases have the right to research information about the case online through the state's search engine, explains the Oregon Department of Justice. To search the Oregon database, provide the child support case number and Social Security number related to the person involved in the case. The search engine provides information about legal names of case participants, the name of the child support office handling the case and current balances on the case, including all other accounting information.

The New York State Unified Court System website has a list of links providing information about how to file a child support case with the state of New York. The website offers forms and applications for child support services, disability assistance and approximate annual child support costs based on the state standards.

The Oregon Department of Justice notes that people who provide false or unauthorized information to access the case search system are subject to criminal or civil prosecution. Get authorization from the court before using its online search tool.