How Do You Locate a Cell Phone?


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The process to locate cell phones varies based on the phone model. To locate iPhone or Android devices, use the Plan B or Find My iPhone applications. The applications allow users to find a missing cell phone using a computer or another cell phone to run the applications.

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How Do You Locate a Cell Phone?
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Android phone owners can install the Plan B application from a computer if the application is not installed on the phone. To install the application using a computer, log into your Google account, and install the application on Google Play. The application also downloads into the missing phone. Once the download completes, the application sends the missing phone's location in an e-mail to the linked Gmail account. To locate the phone without a computer, send "locate" via text message on a different phone to receive a text message with the missing phone's location.

The Find My iPhone application comes pre-installed on cell phones with iOS 5 or higher. If the missing phone does not possess the application, install and use the application on a different phone. Once the application is installed on the phone, log into your Apple ID and start the application. Find My iPhone shows the phone's location on the map. Users also have the option to trigger the phone to play a loud noise for two minutes.

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