How Do You Locate a Cage Code Number?

Commercial and government entity, or CAGE, codes, which are assigned by the Defense Logistic Agency of the Department of Defense, can be located using the CAGE code search function on the Defense Logistic Agency website. The link on the Defense Logistic Agency's website takes a user to the business identification numbers cross-referencing system, which allows a search for the five-character codes by company name, phone number, ZIP code, CAGE and Dun & Bradstreet.

CAGE codes are used by the Department of Defense to classify and facilitate awards and clearance for contractors. If an entity wants to do business with the federal government, a CAGE code is required. The North American Industry Classification System and Dun & Bradstreet codes are also necessary identification codes to investigate before pursuing business with the government. In order to receive a CAGE code, an entity must register with the System for Awards Management. A CAGE code is assigned as part of the verification process through the System for Awards Management. The webpage for the Defence Logistic Agency also includes a link for requesting or updating a CAGE code. If an entity is located outside the United States, it is classified differently under the NATO codification system and has a NATO commercial and government entity code.