How Do You Locate a Business Owner?


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Most official state websites, such as the San Diego City, provide a master business listing of active businesses. Available as a CSV file, the business listing includes information such as the name of the owner and the business address and contact information.

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Many businesses, however, may be listed as a sole proprietorship, a partnership, an LLC or a corporation. In the San Diego City master business-listing file, the names of the owner or owners are listed if the businesses are under a sole proprietorship or a partnership. A group of people recognized as a single entity may own a business. In this case, the owner is often listed as another company or a corporation.

Most states also have a searchable business registry database. Some states have business lookup information on their Department of Revenue or the Office of the City Treasurer. The official website of the secretary of state provides links to existing corporation and business entity search in each state. The entity name is the business owner. The information publicized on a business entity search varies from state to state.

The name of a business owner may also be disclosed on a business' official website. The information is often located in the About or Contact section. The Better Business Bureau also lists information about a company, though the primary contact may not necessarily be the business owner.

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