How Do You Find Local Zoning Restrictions?


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Find local zoning restrictions and laws by inquiring with the offices of the municipalities mayor, attorney or department of housing, Legal Match explains. Local libraries may also have information regarding local zoning ordinances.

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Zoning laws regulate the type, use and size of structures allowed in specified areas, Legal Match says. A zoning restriction may deal with setbacks and how close to the property line you can erect a structure. These laws vary by state and municipality. Homeowners' associations and gated communities may have their own zoning regulations and restrictions.

Other zoning ordinances and laws include noise restrictions, pet regulations, building restrictions, trash regulations and easements, Legal Match explains. Zoning regulations can also restrict the use of your property, Nolo says. If you intend to run a home-based business in a residential zone, you may find that the rules are not clear on the legalities of a home business. Some zoning restrictions may allow exceptions to the types of businesses operated in a residential area.

Some zoning regulations may also allow property owners to build additions to their homes, subsequently restricting neighbors' views. It's best to check with zoning regulations when there are many empty lots to determine the type of construction allowed in the area, Nolo advises.

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