How Do You Find Local Residential Parking Rights in Your Area?


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You can find local residential parking rights in your area by checking with your city or county website, according to Nolo. If you can’t find the information there, you may find applicable local laws on state and local government websites or by calling your city manager or mayor's office.

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Most cities and towns restrict parking on a street to no longer than 72 hours, explains Nolo. Most ordinances require owners to move disabled cars and park them in an enclosed structure, such as a garage. Some local governments also use ordinances to limit how long owners can park RVs on a street. Some areas may have different parking rules and regulations depending on if they are also zoned commercial, as Nolo explains.

Residential parking can be a problem depending on the area you live in. The average car is in motion only a small percentage of the time, and finding space to keep the car while it is stationary presents problems that may vary among cities. The hours of peak demand for when a car is parked for a longer period of time also varies as do the facilities that provide parking to meet the high demand, as the American Society of Planning Officials explains.

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