What Are Local Driving Regulations?


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Local driving regulations are dependent upon the state of residence of the vehicle operator; the rules can be accessed through the Department of Motor Vehicles. Commercial drivers, on the other hand, must comply with Hours of Service, or HOS regulations, which limit driving time depending on various factors.

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A local driver's handbook from the Department of Motor Vehicles can be accessed online, based on state. A fee starting at $10 will be charged in order to obtain a driver's study guide, which contains the local regulations of the road; other resources are also available for both car and motorcycle operators. Additionally, the Department of Motor Vehicles will lead the user through the appropriate steps to take in order to get a license.

Commercial drivers are subject to obey the Hours of Service regulations by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. A comprehensive list of rules can be accessed on the FMCSA's website. For example, a 10 hour driving limit exists for commercial drivers carrying passengers — once the 10 hours are reached, the driver must take an 8 hour break before continuing. For drivers carrying property, one of the set regulations includes a 14 hour driving limit, and the driver must rest for 10 hours before continuing. Information regarding safety procedures can also be accessed on the website.

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