How Do You Find Local Child Social Services Numbers?

Telephone numbers for the local agencies legally mandated to handle concerns revolving around child welfare are listed on the Web portals of the National Council on Child Abuse and Family Violence and the Child Welfare Information Gateway, according to the respective websites of the two organizations. Members of the public can also report suspected cases of child abuse or neglect to ChildHelp at 800-422-4453, explains the organization’s website.

Every state has agencies with toll-free phone numbers that receive and investigate suspected cases of child abuse and neglect, according to the Child Welfare Information Gateway. In West Virginia, matters of child welfare fall under the purview of the Bureau for Children and Families, which is part of the state’s Department of Health and Human Resources; the agency receives reports through its toll-free number at 800-352-6513. As of 2015, Washington has two toll-free numbers — 866-363-4276 and 800-562-5624 — and a TTY number — 800-624-6186.

The mandate of ChildHelp, unlike that of state child welfare agencies, extends to the entire United States, its territories and Canada, according to the organization’s website. Established in 1982, ChildHelp has fielded more than two million calls from a variety of individuals, ranging from at-risk children to parents seeking intervention. The organization’s hotline is staffed by qualified crisis counselors.