How Do You Load a Stevens 320?


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The procedure for loading the Stevens 320 is similar to other pump-action shotguns. The tubular magazine has a total capacity of five rounds, and the chamber accepts either 2.75- or 3-inch 12-gauge shotshells, according to Shooting Illustrated. The Stevens 320 comes with a magazine plug installed that limits the capacity to two rounds. First, unscrew the magazine cap and remove the magazine plug, then replace the magazine cap. The shotgun is now ready for loading.

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First, ensure the shotgun's safety is engaged, is not loaded and is pointed in a safe direction, advises OutdoorHub. Maintaining a firm grip on the slide with your offhand, begin loading the shotgun with your dominant hand by pushing shotshells into the magazine loading port on the underside of the receiver. The brass portion of the shotshell should be pointing toward the butt of the gun. Repeat this process until the magazine is fully loaded with five shotshells.

To chamber a shell, pull the slide back and forward. This loads one shotshell from the magazine into the chamber, creating extra space in the magazine. One more shotshell can be loaded into the magazine at this point. The shotgun is now loaded to maximum capacity and ready to fire.

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