How Do You Live on Disability Allowance?


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It is very difficult to live on disability allowance alone, but many people are able to obtain other benefits while collecting disability. Some of those benefits may not affect the overall amount being paid in disability allowance.

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People who are on disability are allowed to work, depending on the severity of their injuries. Social Security permits people to earn up to a certain amount each month (the amount changes from year to year) before it consider them to be performing substantial gainful work. Once the worker makes over the allotted amount, his disability allowance is in jeopardy.

If the disabled person owns his own business, the income limit is not set in stone because other facts are considered, including the work duties involved, the number of hours worked and the extent to which the person manages his business.

Social Security does allow people to collect Social Security disability as well as private disability payments from an employer or another insurance policy. People on disability may also collect payments from the department of Veterans Affairs. Some states offer temporary disability benefits, and people collecting Social Security disability may also collect state disability benefits, although the amount of Social Security benefits may be adjusted accordingly.

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