What Are the Listed Benefits of Retiring From the U.S. Army?

What Are the Listed Benefits of Retiring From the U.S. Army?

Benefits for regular army retirees include Retiree Council programs, Retiree Appreciation Days, Army Echoes and Installation Retiree newsletters. Many of these benefits are also available to retired Army National Guard and retired Army reserve individuals. National Guard members also have several pre-retirement benefit programs at their disposal.

The Retiree Council programs represent the interests of retired army veterans to the leadership of the U.S. Army and also provide communication between retirees and army members. It also runs the Chief of Staff, Army Retired Soldier Council and the Installation Retiree Council.

Retiree Appreciation Days promote relations between retirees and active duty members and provide a source for retirees and their families to know their rights, benefits and privileges. The days usually take place at least once a year and are run by installation and Reserve Component RSOs.

Army Echoes is an Army newsletter available to retired members and their spouses. The Army sends it out three times a year, and as of 2015, has transferred the newsletter availability to mostly an electronic format. Retirees can also benefit from the annual Installation Retiree newsletters.

There are also programs available to qualifying spouses of retirees, including services available through the Uniformed Services Former Spouses' Protection Act.