How Do You Get a List of Probate Leads?


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A list of probate leads is available through companies such as The Wholesalers Toolbox, U.S. Probate Leads and Hot Probate Leads. Probate leads may also be available from the legal newspaper for the particular city or region involved.

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Probate leads are useful for investors looking to buy real estate left by recently deceased individuals. The Wholesalers Toolbox sends out its Deceased Property Owner List to email subscribers. This list includes the deceased property owner’s name, property address, tax bill address, last purchase date and price, and estimated property value. The target market for The Wholesalers Toolbox is real estate wholesalers, investors, those interested in real estate rehabilitation and realtors.

U.S. Probate Leads offers a service similar to The Wholesalers Toolbox, and claims to cover every county in the United States, with flexible pricing and no long-term contract required. U.S. Probate Leads also offers books and training to educate its customers, including mentoring, software, boot camp and webinars.

Hot Probate Leads targets real estate agents and real estate investors. Hot Probate Leads says it provides research on the deceased owner’s family members, so the likelihood is greater that a potential investor can contact the family decision maker of the estate directly.

Local legal newspapers are also a source of probate leads. The Detroit Legal News provides an online public notice search, which includes probate estate administration notices. The information contained in these notices are potential leads to purchase a deceased person’s real estate.

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