How Do You Get a List of Current Class-Action Lawsuits?


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Several websites designed to help consumers offer lists of class-action lawsuits, including ClassAction.org, Consumer Action, LegalMatch, Class Action News and Top Class Actions. Some websites have comprehensive lists of class-action lawsuits, while others archive lawsuits for consumers to research.

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For example, ClassAction.org lists class-action cases by whether attorneys are actively filing lawsuits or investigating companies. This website has possible lawsuits organized by consumer fraud, defective drugs, medical devices and overtime. Other topics include securities, environmental hazards and defective products.

Consumer Action's class-action database contains three different status topics. Lawsuits "open to claims" mean someone can still get money from a potential claim. The website also informs consumers of the deadline to file a claim. Consumers and attorneys can inform editors of Consumer Action about litigation news or filings.

LegalMatch has three types of class-action lawsuits, including defective products, toxic exposure and unsafe drugs. Defective products can be manufactured in a way that presents unsafe merchandise that contains flaws either in the design or through the manufacturing process. People who have toxic exposure came in contact with a hazardous substance that produces adverse health effects. Unsafe drugs create sickness or dangerous side effects, even though the FDA and the manufacturer have deemed them safe. LegalMatch has links to several common issues relating to these topics.

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