Why Do Liberals Support Civil Liberties but Not Economic and Financial Liberty?


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Liberals support civil liberties and not economic and financial liberties because they tend to believe economic and financial liberties can infringe on civil liberties. However, while many liberals support civil liberties but not economic or financial liberties, that does not mean every liberal does so.

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Typically liberals believe that each person is entitled to civil liberties or personal freedoms that the government should not restrict by law in cases where it fits the liberal agenda. However, this is not exclusive to liberals, as conservatives usually support civil liberties only when it fits the conservative agenda as well.

For example, conservatives tend to support the individual right to bear arms because they believe it is a guarantee in the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. However, when it comes to abortion, they are not so quick to support civil liberties. The reverse is common among liberals. They typically call for restrictions on the right to bear arms and they usually do support abortion, claiming it is a civil liberty with which the government should have limited interference.

Not all liberals agree with other liberals and not all conservatives agree with every stereotypical conservative view. Most people fit somewhere in the middle and do not necessarily share the same exact views on all specifics regarding civil liberties.

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