What Is Lewd Conduct?

Criminal Law Lawyer Source describes lewd conduct as "any unlawful act committed by an individual with the purpose of arousing the libido or sexual interest of themselves or the person toward which the action is directed." Typical examples of lewd conduct charges are sex acts in public places or in view of the public.

According to the law firm of Leifert & Leifert, the state of Florida stipulates that anyone who touches the genitals, breast, buttocks of themselves or others or exposes these areas in a public venue is considered to be displaying lewd behavior. All behaviors that are considered lewd are sex acts. A mother breastfeeding her child in public is not considered a lewd act because it is not intended to illicit a sexual response from onlookers, according to the city of Richland's legal code. Attorney Michael Kraut notes that there are two different kinds of lewd behavior offenses: engaging in lewd behavior and soliciting lewd behavior from someone else. To be considered guilty of lewd conduct, the prosecution must prove that the person willingly engaged in lewd conduct in a public place and that there was another person present at the time who was offended, or who could have been offended, by the lewd conduct.