What Are Some Lesser Known Florida State Laws?


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Florida's state constitution prevents pregnant pigs from being confined in an enclosure that does not allow the pig to move freely, according to The Daily Beast. Added to the constitution by initiative in 2002, this law is applicable to any animal in the porcine species. Bestiality became illegal in 2011 after three attempts to outlaw it, explains Huffington Post. Citing a desire to not waste taxpayer's time on a rare event, lawmakers would not address the issue prior to 2011.

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If a person chooses to tie an elephant to a parking meter in Florida, he must pay the parking fee, says newsletter French District. People are not allowed to sing while wearing a swimsuit, nor are they allowed to pass gas in public after 6 p.m.

More than 100 new laws were passed by the Florida legislature in July 2015, including one that marked Florida as the 48th state to legalize growlers, explains News13. As a result, people can fill their 64-ounce beer jugs at breweries across the state.

When purchasing a state flag or United States flag to display in public in Florida, the state, a county or a municipality must ensure that the flag is made solely in the United States, reports News13. All materials and supplies used to make the flag must be grown, produced and manufactured within the country.

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