Who Does Legislation Affect?


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According to the White House, legislation affects both the citizens of the United States and government officials. From emergency election of the president to bills regulating various industries and personal freedoms, there are varying forms of legislation that impact different groups of people in different ways.

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According to the White House, legislation occurs through the House of Representatives and the Senate, both of which form the Congress. Congress passes legislation that affects everyone from the President of the United States to individual taxpayers. Legislative authority is used to create the annual budget, which determines how much assistance Americans who benefit from various government services, such as public education and welfare, will receive.

According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, legislation commonly affects large organizations and companies first, and the benefits or disadvantages then affect individual citizens. For example, legislation addressing the amount of nutrients that companies must add to certain food products first affects the companies who manufacture food. Companies then have to adjust their manufacturing process to meet the requirements of the relevant legislation, and consumers are in turn affected by increased or lowered product cost and availability. Most legislation works by addressing larger groups or organizations in the hopes that the effects will trickle down to individual citizens.

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