How Do You Legally Change Your Name?


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To legally change your name, use the name you want, file paperwork with the court and change your name on all your official documents. Check with your county clerk to see if the state requires court documents outlining the reason for a name change.

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  1. Use your new name

    Use your new name in social settings, and ask those closest to you to start using it as well. Fill out forms and applications using your new name. Additionally, ask your employer or teachers to start using it as well.

  2. File required documents

    Visit the clerk of the court in person or on the office’s website to download any required documents your state might require. Fill out the paperwork, and take it to the clerk of the court for filing.

  3. Change important documents

    Contact the offices that supply and keep official documents related to your identity to have your name changed on your Social Security card, drivers’ license, voter identification card, passport and your birth certificate. Additionally, make sure to have your name changed on your will, living trust and other documents pertaining to your estate. Fill out the required paperwork to change your name on your mortgage or lease, bank accounts and credit cards.

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