Is It Legal to Try and Find People Online for Free?


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With regards to privacy laws, it is not legal to look for people online at a fee or free, according to Nolo. Every individual is entitled to his own privacy and once those rights are infringed upon, the situation becomes a legal problem unless otherwise required by a court of law.

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Is It Legal to Try and Find People Online for Free?
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As of 2015, the advancement in technology is tremendous. With this comes the possibility of frequent cases of privacy infringement, especially considering the vast information people put and share online and on social media accounts. Digital devices such as phones and computers also hold a myriad of information about self, family and friends that can be accessed anytime via the Internet, notes the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

The Fourth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution prohibits the government from unreasonable searches of its citizens online and on portable devices, reports the Electronic Frontier Foundation. This extends to other individuals, such as employers who go to the extent of asking for interviewees' Facebook and Twitter passwords to judge whether they are dealing with a responsible individual, explains Nolo. For individuals to ensure their privacy is not interfered, it is necessary to understand their privacy rights. Citizens in the United States are obliged to report such cases and sue those who try and search for their details online without concrete reason.

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