What Legal Rights Do Single Mothers Have?


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In most states, single mothers have complete legal and physical custody of their children, which means they have the right to make decisions concerning their children and to live with them, explains Lawyers.com. In the workplace, single parents have the right to take paid leaves due to family or medical reasons, continue working while pregnant until the delivery period, and take advantage of maternity leaves after giving birth, reports the Houston Chronicle.

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Single mothers generally have automatic custody of their children immediately after giving birth, whereas fathers who are not married to the mothers of their children do not have custodial rights unless they prove their fatherhood before the court, notes Lawyers.com. State laws also require an unmarried father, whose paternity has been established, to provide child support based on hid incomes and other factors.

Some employers implement workplace flexibility, which benefits single parents who require flexible work schedules to attend to the needs of their children at home and in school, states the Houston Chronicle. With workplace flexibility, single parents can adjust their working hours and locations according to their specific circumstances. Single parents also have the right to create or join workplace unions that seek to negotiate agreements among employers and employees, especially flexible working hours and protection from unfair employer practices related to the family status of employees.

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