What Are My Legal Rights As a Parent With My 17-Year-Old Son?

According to the Connecticut General Assembly, parents are legally and financially responsible for their offspring until the age of 18. Parents are required to care for 17-year-old children and make major decisions including marriage, enlistment in the armed forces and major medical treatment. They must use reasonable force to control the behavior of their 17-year-old children. Parents can also engage law enforcement if the minor runs away from home.

The regulations regarding the rights of parents with 17-year-old offspring vary by state. In Michigan, a 17-year-old is not legally considered a minor and is also not considered an adult, according to LawRefs.com. Children are allowed to leave the parents' home at the age of 17, but the parents are still legally and financially responsible for the child. Even if the child leaves the parents' house, the parents must provide financial support unless the parents' financial obligations to the child have been relieved by the court.

The Alaska Bar Association notes that parents must provide financial support for 17-year-old children, no matter who the child lives with, until age 18. Parents have the right to sign a contract or lease, open a bank account and control finances for a 17-year-old child.