What Legal Points Need to Be Included in a Debt Collection Letter?


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Legal points to include in a debt collection letter include the facts regarding the debt and a request for the recipient to respond in a timely manner, the Houston Chronicle reports. The letter should be written in a strong but not harsh tone.

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A debt collection letter must give the recipient 30 days to dispute the validity of the debt, explains Nolo. The letter must also state that if the recipient disputes the debt within the 30 days, the agency or person collecting the debt intends to send verification of the debt, and the letter must also state the name and address of the creditor, as well as the amount of money owed.

A debt collection letter cannot abuse or threaten harm to the letter's recipient, nor can it use profane or abusive language. A debt collection letter can not falsely identify the writer as a law enforcement officer or entity or identify himself as an attorney. The letter cannot list a false amount of the original debt owed, nor can the letter threaten to claim or seize the letter recipient's property unless the letter writer intends to bring an action that may force the property to be seized under the law, explains Nolo.

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