How Do You Find Free Legal Guardian Forms?


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As of 2015, find free legal guardian forms by using an online state court website or by inquiring with a state legal services organization, states FindLaw. Contact a court clerk in Texas, Oregon, North Dakota and Missouri because these states do not provide online forms, neither do Mississippi and Louisiana. FindLaw maintains a Web page with links to all state court systems that provide online guardian forms.

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Legal guardian forms are often difficult to complete and may require an attorney's assistance, explains FindLaw. Courts assign guardianship in cases where minors or incapacitated adults require someone to make legal decisions on their behalf. Establishing guardianship of a minor usually requires different documentation than that required for an adult. Adults must often fill out a living will and a power of attorney in addition to a guardian form to grant someone legal guardianship. The process may require financial papers, such as investment and bank records, and property titles.

Courts assign guardians to minors more often than adults, but adults with special needs and elderly parents sometimes require a guardian, according to FindLaw. Guardianship of an estate may be given to parents whose child acquires a large sum of money. A guardian's duties range from making pragmatic decisions about day-to-day necessities, such as clothing and food, to handling critical financial and medical arrangements. Family members and relatives are usually chosen as guardians, but occasionally a court designates a state employee for the role.

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