Is It Legal to Drive With a Cast on Your Foot?

It is not illegal for a person to drive with a cast on his or her foot; however, experts advise against it because of slower response times when moving from the accelerator to the brake or when engaging the clutch in a vehicle with a manual transmission, according to the University of Wisconsin. Medical doctors advise patients with foot casts to avoid driving until the cast is removed, according to Gunderson Health.

Many people who are wearing casts on their feet take pain medications that contain narcotics, or opioid pain relievers, such as codeine, oxycodone and hydrocodone. Taking these medications while operating a vehicle is dangerous because narcotics can reduce reaction time and result in fatigue, which makes an accident more probable. Rather than risking an accident, people with foot casts should consider taking taxis or asking friends and family to chauffeur them to work and appointments until they heal fully.

Research studies that simulate driving while wearing a cast have shown that these drivers are unable to brake fast enough or respond quickly to hazards on the road. Reaction time is decreased by as much as 25 percent while wearing a cast. This makes the choice of driving with a cast unsafe and potentially life-threatening.