What Is the Legal Alcohol Limit for Drivers in California?


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Drivers must have a blood alcohol concentration of less than 0.08 percent to drive non-commercial vehicles and less than 0.04 percent to operate commercial motor vehicles, states the California Department of Motor Vehicles. For drivers on probation for driving under the influence, 0.01 percent is above the legal limit.

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For drivers under the age of 21, a BAC of 0.02 percent is above the legal limit, according to FindLaw. This is known as a zero-tolerance law. All drivers, regardless of age, with a BAC of 0.16 percent or higher are subject to enhanced penalties, as law enforcement considers it an aggravated offense.

If a person is arrested for driving under the influence in California, the California DMV states that it must revoke or a suspend his driving privileges. If a driver believes he has unfairly received an Order of Suspension/Revocation, he must request a hearing within 10 days of its receipt.

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