How Do You Get Legal Aid in North Carolina?

How Do You Get Legal Aid in North Carolina?

Get legal aid in North Carolina through legal aid clinics, public defenders, Pro Bono services and social justice organizations. Legal aid can also be obtained through law school clinics, notes FindLaw.

Legal aid is often available for individuals who are unable to raise enough money to pay for legal services, states FindLaw. To get legal aid through public defense, use the following steps.

  1. Make inquiries
  2. Ask court officials for assistance. If seeking help while still in police custody, talk to an officer regarding the need to get free legal assistance.

  3. Make a formal application
  4. Get the legal forms from any public defense office in the region and fill in all the details required. Make sure all information written is accurate. Applications should ideally be finished 10 days prior to the trial date.

  5. Attend the interview
  6. Attend the legal aid interview and disclose all information regarding income and assets. Interviews are often conducted by an intake specialist. Low-income earners or the unemployed are more likely to be approved for legal aid.

  7. Get an attorney
  8. Have an attorney assigned to the case after all the information has been verified. In most cases, an attorney is assigned by the judge responsible for the case.