Is There Legal Aid Available for Divorces?


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Legal aid is available for individuals going through divorce, usually for low-income people who are unable to afford legal representation on their own, according to About.com. There may be requirements as to who qualifies for free legal aid, and there may also be a waiting list.

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Is There Legal Aid Available for Divorces?
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As of 2015, to qualify for free legal aid for divorce, an individual most likely needs to either have an income less than 125% of the federal poverty lines, be disabled, be at least 60 years old, be a low-income member of the military or be a victim of domestic abuse, notes About.com. There are special circumstances for individuals at slightly higher income levels and for custody cases that involve abused children.

Divorce attorneys can provide legal aid for the intricacies of divorce, states About.com. Depending on state laws, they can help if there is abuse or dishonesty in the marriage, or if either spouse is unable to reach an agreement on how property should be split, who gets custody of the children or how financial matters should be resolved, according to Nolo.

While providing legal aid, a divorce attorney can answer any questions the individual has and discuss the legal facets of the case, notes Nolo. There are some private attorneys who offer free or inexpensive legal aid. Even with legal aid, an individual may have to represent himself during his divorce.

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