What Do You Learn at the United States Army Infantry School?


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Training for soldiers and officers at the United States Army Infantry School entails learning basic weapons maintenance and operation, vehicle maintenance and operation, and minefield safety, as well as land reconnaissance, map reading and navigation. The school also teaches operation of communication equipment, preparing fighting positions and constructing barriers.

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The U.S. Army Infantry School teaches 16 main courses, including basic combat training, airborne operations for paratroopers, Army mountain warfare for battle in mountains and cold weather, and Bradley tank gunnery training. Other courses include sniping and the infantry mortar leader course that teaches officers and non-commissioned officers to direct and supervise mortar fire. The hand-to-hand combat course teaches soldiers and officers to fight in close quarters.

The heavy weapons leaders course imparts the knowledge and skills necessary for using heavy weapons in land operations. The Army Infantry School includes the U.S. Army Jumpmaster School, which teaches leaders to oversee parachute deployment of soldiers from U.S. Air Force aircraft. The infantry school also teaches the officers' leadership course, in which officers learn to lead platoons in combat. The school offers an advanced situational awareness course that teaches enhanced observation, critical thinking, problem-solving and decision-making. The infantry school also teaches a course in the operation of small unmanned aircraft systems.

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