How Do You Learn About U.S. Navy Submarines?


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America’s Navy, The Nuclear Threat Initiative and the Environmental Protection Agency have detailed information about the U.S. Navy’s submarines. The U.S. Fleet is divided into four classes of nuclear powered boats.

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There are 14 Ohio-class SSBN submarines in operation; the Ship, Submersible, Guided, Nuclear boats carry a combined average of 1,152 warheads. Nine Virginia-class SSNs submarines are U.S. Nuclear attack submarines, able to operate in waters close to the shore. Three Seawolf-class subs are stealth machines, designed to hunt Soviet SSBNs. Forty-two Los Angeles-class SSNs round out the fleet, located in six different bases around the world. The Nuclear Threat Initiative outlines the capabilities of each class, including their weapons and strategic advantage.

America’s Navy has detailed fact sheets about the U.S. Fleet’s attack, ballistic and guided missile submarines. Information includes the ships in operation, differences by class and operational capabilities. Other facts include a point of contact for each class of submarine, their history and general characteristics.

The EPA’s resources about U.S. Submarines focus on the nuclear aspect of the ships. Information outlines specifics about the different types of propulsion systems and explains the roles of specific government agencies in maintaining and disposing of contaminated nuclear reactor parts from retired boats.

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