How Do You Learn More About the Current Political Candidates?


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To learn more about current political candidates, research the candidates' positions by gathering information from campaign headquarters, candidate debates, news media and non-partisan organizations. Be careful in evaluating information, as deliberate distortion of facts is common in any political campaign. Sources of campaign funding and endorsements can provide insight into a candidate's political views and future conduct in elected office.

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Voters can obtain unbiased information regarding upcoming political races from organizations such as Votesmart, which maintains a website that allows voters to research the biographies, key votes and positions of individual federal, state and local candidates. Other organizations, such as the National Institute on Money in State Politics and the Center for Responsive Politics provides information on the financial contributions made by various interest groups in national and state races. This information, along with any past votes on issues affecting the political contributors, provides voters with an educated prediction into a candidates future votes in office.

Partisan interest groups, such as the League of Women Voters, publish voting guides evaluating candidates positions on certain political issues. The assessments of partisan interest groups can assist voters in evaluating candidates' positions on particular subjects.

Information from the political campaigns must be scrutinized, as candidates frequently present misleading information about themselves and opposing candidates to sway voters.

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