How Do Lawyers Prepare Discrimination Cases?


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Lawyers prepare discrimination cases by reviewing documentation regarding policies that can help the plaintiff prove he was discriminated against and interviewing credible witnesses who can provide testimony at trial, the Meyers Law Firm explains. It's important that lawyers gather enough evidence to present a credible argument in order to protect their clients' rights.

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There are a number of different ways a person can be discriminated against, including age and religion, the U.S. Equal Employment Commission explains. Age discrimination involves the treatment of someone, such as an employee, less favorable than others because of her age. The Age Discrimination Employment Act protects workers age 40 and older, it does not protect anyone under the age of 40. However, some protection for younger workers is available in states that have laws protecting younger individuals.

The Civil Rights Act protects employees from being discriminated against because of their religion, Nolo notes. Employers cannot make a decision based on an applicant's or employee's religious beliefs, and the act also prevents harassment in the workplaces based on the employee's religion. Employers must accommodate their employees' religious practices or beliefs provided that those beliefs don't create extreme hardship. This law protects all who are employed with the government, labor organizations, and public and private employment agencies. Private employers with at least 15 employees are also mandated to comply with this law.

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