How Do You Find a Lawyer on Martindale-Hubbell?

How Do You Find a Lawyer on Martindale-Hubbell?

Martindale-Hubbell provides a free lawyer search tool on its website for public use. The Martindale-Hubbell website is the most comprehensive lawyer search website, as noted by the Duke University School of Law.

Martindale-Hubbell has been a legal reference for more than 140 years. is another site owned by the company, and it offers a similar service, as stated on the site. Follow these steps below to search for a lawyer in Martindale-Hubbell's free directory.

  1. Visit the Martindale-Hubbell website
  2. Go to Martindale-Hubbell's website by using a browser. Move the cursor over the "Search Tools" tab in the header menu, and click the "Lawyers" link under "Find People."

  3. Search for lawyers
  4. To search for a lawyer, complete at least one field under the "People" tab. The accuracy of the search results increases with the amount of search criteria defined. Click the "Search" button after filling out all desired fields.

  5. Review search results
  6. The people search results page displays the name, job title, organization, practice areas, office, peer review rating, client review rating, website and contact information for each matching listing. The default display of listings is by relevance. To sort by last name, first name, visibility, city, peer review rating or client review rating, select from the "Sort by" drop-down menu above the listings. It is also possible to adjust the search tool to display 10, 25 or 50 results per page.

  7. Refine search results
  8. Narrow the search results by clicking relevant links under the different headers on the left side of the page. The different filters include ratings and reviews, county, city, practice areas, practice or industry group, languages, documents, organization type, job title, government agency and admit state.

  9. Contact a lawyer
  10. Click the "Contact Now" button in the section for the lawyer of interest, and the Send a Message page will appear. Complete all of the form's necessary fields, and then click the "Send Email" button to message the lawyer.