What Are the Laws on the Use of the Official U.S. Navy Seal?


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The official U.S. Navy seal is protected by law, according to the U.S. Department of Defense. Unauthorized use is prohibited, and the seal cannot be used for non-official purposes.

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What Are the Laws on the Use of the Official U.S. Navy Seal?
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The Department of the Navy may grant a request to use the emblem on a case-by-case basis, advises the U.S. Department of Defense. Prior to using the Navy seal for commercial purposes, commercial entities must first complete a licensing agreement with the Navy Trademark Licensing Program Office, explains the U.S. Navy.

Specific requirements regarding color, material and size are mandated for anyone who is authorized to use the seal. The Navy requires authorized reproductions of the seal to use specific hues of blue, gold, red and brown, regardless of on what surface the emblem is replicated, notes the U.S. Navy. The Navy requires the use of specific color identification codes of the Pantone Matching System. Blue PMS 275, gold PMS125, or metallic ink, red PMS187 and brown PMS 464 are the only colors allowed.

Information regarding the application process is available by calling the Department of the Navy at 703-696-4002, as of 2015, instructs the Department of Defense. The fax number is 703-696-6909. Send written inquires to Department of the Navy, Office of Naval Research, Office of Counsel Code 00CC, ATTN: Trademark Licensing Office, 875 N. Randolph Street, Arlington, VA 22203-1995. Send email inquiries to onr_tmlicense@navy.mil.

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